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What’s The Difference Between Prestashop Vs Shopify?

If you have decided to start an eCommerce store, then one of the decisions you will have to make is using Shopify or Prestashop. Both have proven to be reliable and well-built web solutions that can grow with your business over time. But which one should you choose? Which factors should you consider?

The most obvious difference between the two platforms is their kind of service to their customers. Shopify provides a full range of features, from shopping cart options to advanced payment processing options. Prestashop, on the other hand, only provides the basic features of an online commerce solution. While this may seem like a minor point, it should analyze it thoroughly to see if there are better options that will better suit the needs of your business.

There are certain aspects of each platform that they both offer that should be considered. First, both offer a free web-based store management system that is built with PHP. They are both accessible from the same interface, and both allow the use of plugins. These are just some of the basic features that each platform has, and these are usually taken for granted by most developers. However, these also feature that many small business owners overlook while developing their e-commerce websites.

These are not the only features of each eCommerce solution, though. Shopify's marketplace offers more customizable options and tools for online store management, including categories and subcategories. Prestashop's basic features, meanwhile, include shopping cart integration and a basic tool for creating, editing and updating product catalogues. The categories and subcategories of each are customizable, making it easier for store owners to set up the ideal setup for their storefront. The only thing that Shopify has that Prestashop lacks is a video shopping cart, although it is worth pointing out that this feature is available for a much lower fee on Shopify than it is in Prestashop. Additionally, while Shopify does not have an online store builder feature, it does have a simple shopping cart option that allows users to build stores using templates only.

Another important difference between these two eCommerce platforms is the level of online assistance that they offer. Both offer live chat and several options for help and support. Shopify's free customer service is beneficial and can give store owners valuable insight into troubleshooting situations and improving customer satisfaction. Prestashop's free service is less helpful, as the response time for many of their customers can take several hours. However, they do have several options for assistance, such as phone, email and live chat.

There are many other small differences between the two platforms, but most store owners would agree that the two have a lot in common. Both offer secure transactions with credit cards, and both provide free upgrades. However, some differences between the two can be important to buyers and sellers. While both platforms make it easy for shoppers to add products and services, which allow them to see what others have to offer and get access to prices, discounts and new features, online assistance is offered can be different. The prices and services provided by Shopify's customer service team are far better than Prestashop's.

While Prestashop uses its own in-house built applications, it is limited to a single store and can not integrate with other online stores. Shopify's drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to add multiple products and services to your site and provides excellent support in troubleshooting, bug fixes and application add-ons. The drag-and-drop interface means that you can build your store exactly how you want it, adding items as you need them without having to change the look of your site at any cost. Furthermore, many of the features that you may find on other platforms are not available on Shopify. This includes the ability to add Facebook, Twitter and other social media features and detailed store maps.

Overall, both platforms offer a good opportunity for online retailers and e-commerce websites to grow and increase their businesses. However, the Prestashop software has a distinct advantage over the Shopify software regarding ease of use and support. If you want to start an e-commerce business on the internet, starting with either of the above platforms can give you a head start. Still, if you are looking for an ideal e-commerce platform with everything you need at a fraction of the cost, you should definitely consider Shopify.

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