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What To Look For When You Choose A Dedicated Server Host

Dedicated web hosting has been the choice for many website owners over the years. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of service. If you are looking to host your own website, the most obvious advantage of a dedicated web hosting plan is giving you complete control over the server. With shared web hosting, you basically share server space with many other sites, but a dedicated web hosting account means that the server that your site is hosted on is all yours completely. However, there are some disadvantages and considerations as well.

One of the most obvious disadvantages of dedicated server hosting is the price. Web hosting can be surprisingly expensive - especially if you need to be dedicated to hosting with a large website. In fact, the price can sometimes be so high that some people wonder whether they should be using shared hosting at all. Although they might look impressive to the untrained eye, most dedicated server hosting packages are actually quite pricey. That's not to say that they aren't worth it - far from it!

Another disadvantage to a dedicated server host is that they don't offer the same level of security and reliability that shared servers do. This is because dedicated servers are virtually "self-explanatory" regarding the way they work and what they come with - security, reliability and uptime guarantee aside. Shared servers don't offer this, making them much more of a challenge to use and maintain. In addition, this factor also means that you'll likely have less time available to focus on your website and not have nearly the same level of support available.

One final consideration when deciding between dedicated web hosting and shared web hosting is the bandwidth you will need. When talking about web hosting and bandwidth, there are two types of numbers involved. There are actual numbers for monthly download limits and actual numbers for monthly upload limits. For this article, we will be focusing on the bandwidth aspect only.

As you probably know already, dedicated servers have their own dedicated network of servers dedicated to them. Because of this, each of the websites hosted on those servers will have its own level of access to resources such as disk space and bandwidth. It will not share these resources with any other website or program. This is one reason why dedicated servers are so desirable.

A good example of how dedicated servers differ from shared servers is through the use of virtualization technology. Because VPS utilizes the concept of dedicated server resources, the actual physical servers will be isolated and only allow access to the root directory and/or files. This is unlike shared hosting, and wherein all websites are allowed to have full access to the disk space and bandwidth of the server.

If you are looking into getting a dedicated host, it would be very wise to look at the different available options. Although they may seem similar in many ways, there are major differences in dedicated hosting and the type of server security you will be dealing with. For instance, it is important to understand that the cost of getting a dedicated server can be quite high. This is especially true if you opt for managed or self-managed VPS. While many companies offer managed VPS packages these days, it is still best to get your VPS from a dedicated provider as they will offer the most value-added features.

In addition to the cost, one of the biggest concerns for many people is getting an uptime guarantee. In most cases, businesses will want to have a guaranteed level of uptime since their customers' websites are usually their biggest investment. Dedicated servers are best for businesses with many daily visitors, but this requirement could be a little too much for some smaller enterprises. However, if you need to protect your most valuable asset, then a dedicated hosting package could prove to be the ideal solution.

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