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What is the Advantage of Having an AWS Dedicated Hosting Account?

If you are planning to launch an eCommerce website, it may be ideal for moving to AWS. Not only does AWS offer a shallow cost option for cloud hosting, but also it offers the most features and functionality of any cloud platform. However, with several thousand AWS accounts already in use, it's easy to see why some webmasters have chosen not to go with this extensive web hosting option. Here is what to expect when you decide to go with AWS dedicated hosting.

Unlike other clouds, AWS offers a highly robust development platform for launching new websites and apps. While not all AWS services are available on the public cloud, many users find that they need to launch applications on AWS anyway. For this reason, many eCommerce companies are moving their development teams to the AWS cloud to take advantage of its many tools and scalable infrastructure. The following are some of the key reasons why you might find it worthwhile to move some of your development servers to AWS:

Many healthcare organizations are turning to AWS for their data analytics needs. Data analytics is imperative to today's healthcare industry because it enables healthcare professionals to make better decisions, improving patient care and saving money. While healthcare hosts on AWS do not offer data analytics tools, many are adding tools that are similar or exactly what their competitors provide to remain competitive. As a result, AWS has quickly become the leading cloud-based healthcare solutions provider.

As AWS continues to expand out, other cloud-based hosting plans may soon catch up with it. In the meantime, AWS offers industry-leading and industry-standard features for small and mid-sized businesses. The AWS management platform supports staging, provisioning, and deploying securely and reliably. Additionally, AWS provides various APIs that simplify communication between its APIs and various external services and applications. This helps reduce the effort necessary to manage and coordinate multiple services from different providers and builds better and more uniform client integration.

In addition to its unparalleled global reach, AWS has a strong foothold in the United States. Today, nearly one in every four US residents uses AWS's resources to run their online business. In addition, AWS has substantially improved its international footprint by opening data centers in Japan and India. Although there are no AWS dedicated hosts located in the UK, Gartner's research forecasting shows that the company will begin to grow its UK business in the next few years.

Many large businesses have already moved most of their business functionality to AWS. To take advantage of AWS's reliability and performance, companies need to invest in an extensive suite of tools and monitoring solutions. Through a hybrid or public cloud model, many companies benefit by only paying for what they use. AWS can provide its customers with a wide variety of tools to track their usage and help them optimize their data management.

AWS's primary advantage over other options is its extensive support for all the tools and add-ons a customer needs. For example, the simplest way to scale up an application in AWS is to run an app in the central AWS cloud. By using an IaaS solution and paying only for the amount of disk space used, a business owner can quickly scale up the application to meet increasing demand. Similarly, a developer can quickly launch a SaaS application in the cloud and receive unlimited access to all the tools necessary for creating, deploying, and monitoring their development project. AWS offers industry-leading tools to help you get started with your journey in the open-source world.

As an AWS customer, you are always ready to help your customers devise new ways to make their applications run more efficiently and meet more rigorous quality standards. To address customer questions and concerns, AWS service providers like AWS Certified Solutions Partner (AWP) can work with your IT department to set up availability zones to store your application. A well-chosen AWS partner can also help you with compliance requirements and other management tips. With the right partners at your side, your IT department can look forward to more efficient and easier management of your AWS resources.

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