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Explanation of VPS hosting

$60.00 /mo

VPS PW04 Plan

  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 90 GB Data Storage
  • 4 TB Bandwidth

OpenVZ is a trusted operating system-level virtualization platform for managing Virtual Private Servers. An OpenVZ-driven VPS offers you the resources you require for your high resource-requiring interactive multimedia websites or online shops. With the new lower prices offered by Pace Work Technologies – a renowned hosting supplier and ICANN-recognized domain name registrar, the OpenVZ VPS hosting solution has been placed within the grasp of virtually everyone.

The OpenVZ VPS hosting solution is all about performance – it offers enormous CPU, RAM, hard drive storage space and web traffic quotas. Our range of OpenVZ VPS hosting packages gives you a splendid choice, so, regardless of your particular hosting needs, you will no doubt find what you want. You will have full command over your VPS. You can reboot the virtual server at any given moment, keep track of the system resource usage and monitor your bandwidth stats. We, at Pace Work Technologies, also offer you a custom-built web hosting Control Panel for free.

Pro VPS Administration Services at Hand

We offer a fully featured web hosting service, including a big assortment of TLDs and even elective managed services to help you manage your private virtual hosting server, giving you more time to focus on your sites. There is an immense variety of updates for you to select from – weekly data backups and Operating System updates, private virtual server monitoring, rebooting, custom software activation, script problem troubleshooting, etc. procedures. To save time, you can pick any additional services at any given time from your VPS Plan Manager tool.

Pace Work Technologies and the OpenVZ VPS hosting platform are the perfect combination for your hosting requirements, giving you splendid performance, stability and a high-quality customer service with any of Pace Work Technologies's VPS hosting packages.

So, sign up with Pace Work Technologies straight away – we can answer your ever-growing VPS server hosting demands!

PW04 PW02 PW01 PW03 PW07 PW05
2 CPU Cores 1 CPU Core 1 CPU Core 2 CPU Cores 4 CPU Cores 3 CPU Cores
90 GB Storage 50 GB Storage 30 GB Storage 70 GB Storage 180 GB Storage 110 GB Storage
$60.00 / month $28.00 / month $15.00 / month $45.00 / month $110.00 / month $70.00 / month