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Unlimited Web Hosting With Cpanel

With Hepsia, you can host unlimited web hosting accounts under a single username. This is possible thanks to Hepsia's strong Domain Manager tool. Another great web hosting control panel, i.e. cPanel and Direct Admin, are also available only in conjunction with Centos. As the name implies, Hepsia is based on the PHP/Linux platform. Hence most of its features are available only with this OS.

Hepsia is an open-source web hosting control panels, like cPanel and Direct Admin. It offers the same features that cPanel offers, but the latter also has a lot more add-ons. For example, Hepsia provides FTP and SFTP support and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. In addition to these, hepsia also allows for "file uploads" or "ticket creation" using the Web-Based Briefcase. In other words, with hepsia, you have a web-based management tool, which will enable you to automate certain processes that are otherwise tedious and time-consuming. For instance, using Hepsia, a server administrator can create new domain names, change the information for the default websites, set the FTP permissions for individual domains, etc.

Now let us see how hepsia is different from other popular web-hosting control panels, such as cPanel, Direct admin, etc. Most of these popular web hosting control panels, while being very flexible, offer limited file manager and/or email support. While cPanel offers a file manager, a graphical user interface and so on. On the other hand, hepsia comes with a graphical user interface and a complete suite of different tools. Thus, when you decide to use hepsia instead of other control panels, you can be sure that your website files will always be safely stored and protected.

Unlimited web hosting Free with Cpanel is also possible because hepsia has a unique feature called "root access." With this feature, any user account login will have full access to all the files and websites of your site, even if they do not have the full root access credentials. This means that the system administration and full functionalities of your site will be left entirely in your hands, giving you full control over what goes on your site. Thus, hepsia becomes a perfect choice for unlimited hosting plans.

Security is another important factor to consider when you choose Hepsia over other similar hosting plans. Unlike cPanel, hepsia offers several security options. For instance, you can set up your own FTP password protection, which will prevent any unauthorized users from accessing your files. You can also set up your own FTP password alarm, which will automatically log any suspicious changes to your passwords, giving you full control over your site names and domains. Such security features are highly recommended to those who want to ensure the safety of their sites.

Flexibility in the usage of scripts is another important factor to be considered when considering unlimited plans. Scripts can be installed easily using hepsia, and it provides an easy-to-use method for unlimited web hosting CP. Moreover, scripts can be easily updated using hepsia, making it easier for you to modify your sites in the future without having to go through obtaining separate hosting cp accounts for each script. In the past, it was necessary for every single web hosting user to obtain their own dedicated server to host multiple scripts. But, with hepsia, you only need one single web hosting user account to host all your scripts.

If you're still deciding whether or not to sign up for unlimited hosting services with Cpanel, here are some other benefits of doing so. The main benefit is the fact that unlimited web hosting with Cpanel is extremely cost-effective. Using a free hosting service may not necessarily cost you much in terms of monthly fees, but the cost can easily add up to be hundreds of dollars per month, especially if you use more than one script and multiple websites. However, with hepsia, you can only pay for the amount of space that you actually utilize on your website. This way, you won't incur too many recurring costs, making it a cost-effective alternative to free cloud hosting services and standard web hosting services.

One final reason to consider unlimited web hosting with Cpanel is the ability to enjoy various levels of flexibility, depending on what you need for your website. There is an unlimited version of cPanel, which offers version control and a 30-day free trial, with additional features available in the upgrade. You can also upgrade to the Business or Ultimate plan, which offers unlimited domains, unlimited SSL certificates and unlimited email accounts. Regardless of what features and functions you require for your website, cPanel is a great website hosting solution that has all of them.

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