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Semi Dedicated Hosting – What Is It?

For many small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the Dedicated Server cost would be out of reach, especially when compared to the cost of running their Dedicated Server. One of the benefits of Dedicated Servers is that they offer the benefits of a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and are fully dedicated to your business requirements. Unlike Shared Servers, which most SMBs have running on a shared environment that hosts applications such as webmail, email, databases, and other software, it is only the hardware shared between multiple customers. Dedicated servers are virtually an all-in-one solution for all your hosting needs. They are also ideal for businesses expanding rapidly and do not wish to take on any additional expenditure until their business has grown to a significant size.

Dedicated servers are provided by many companies such as Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, IBM, Dell, and eCommerce Platforms. All these companies offer both the hardware and the software needed to build a Dedicated Server Environment. In this article, I would like to describe some of the advantages of choosing a Dedicated Server Hosting option over a semi-dedicated hosting plan. These are:

Semi-Dedicated Hosting has some distinct advantages over Dedicated Hosting but at the same time has some disadvantages too. The main advantage of a Dedicated Server is that you have complete control of the server. This is mainly because you can install and configure any application you need on the server. With semi-dedicated Hosting, you do not have access to the server's control panel, which means that you cannot do anything that would be helpful in maintenance. You are also left with the responsibility of ensuring that the server management is followed up regularly and maintains a high uptime for your website.

Another significant advantage of semi-dedicated Hosting is that you can use any web hosting applications that you want. With a semi-dedicated hosting plan, you are allowed to lease different types of disk space and bandwidth. So, no matter what application you intend to use, you are allowed to do so. And with a choice of disk space and bandwidth, you are in an excellent position to utilize the web hosting services that the Company offers. So, you do not have to spend too much time and money on web hosting migration or website development.

One of the significant disadvantages of using semi-dedicated hosting plans is that there are times when you need to make the upgrade to the main level package. These upgrades are not always cheap, and hence you need to ensure that you know exactly how much money you will be spending on upgrading your services. If you have limited resources and an ideal website design, it can boost your expenditure. But, if you have fewer resources and the creation of your website is not that impressive, then it is a good idea to upgrade to a cheaper package so that your monthly hosting costs can come down.

When you are using semi-dedicated plans for your website, you will enjoy the opportunity to use the latest technologies and applications. You can use Linux, Microsoft, Apache, MySQL and Windows server-based applications for your hosting needs. The best part is that these servers are provided on an as and where ever basis. This means that you can get the best of the services without having to change your mind about your website's ranking on search engines. Also, since the servers are not dedicated, you will get the chance to save a lot of money on annual maintenance fees and electricity bills.

However, if you have any doubts about the servers' reliability or security levels, it is a good idea to go for shared hosting plans. Shared hosting plans provide the users with the same server and bandwidth but at a much higher price. There are also chances that the other users could create spam and virus threats on your website. The only difference between a shared and a semi-dedicated hosting plan is that you will be paying more money for it. So, you must do some research and find out which one would be suitable for your website. In Aerotech's case, we found that the shared hosting plan provided us with excellent stability and uptime and good support from their technical team.

We also noticed that the support provided by the neurotech was quite efficient and gave us good guidance regarding how to increase our revenues. The best thing about the shared plan was that our website did not suffer any degradation in terms of performance and uptime. Another factor that is considered when you are choosing semi-dedicated hosting plans is the cost. Shared hosting plans can cost you a lot of money, but since you will be sharing the server with other users, there is always a chance of crashing. So, it is better to choose semi-dedicated hosting plans to ensure that your website remains online at all times and the website does not suffer any loss of revenue due to crashes.

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