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How Much Web Resources Do You Need for the Best Web Hosting?

Web hosting is nothing but an information storage and management service. The digital content required for your website, blog or forum simply can’t be stored on your machine. It needs to be available to millions and millions of users while being secure at the same time. All websites you browse are hosted on a platform. You need the best web hosting platform too, if you are looking to start out.

Why is web hosting important for your content marketing activities?

Like we discussed above, quality content creation is extremely important to reach out to as many people as possible and build a community. Most marketers get so blinded by creation that they forget about the technical resources to keep that content up and running. This is where web hosting helps. You need the best web hosting.

Website host optimizes the functioning of your content. It ensures that your blog’s or forum’s speed is in line with traffic coming to them at any point in time. It stores your content on data centre servers. In addition to operation optimization, the host also ensures the safety and privacy of your content by not just encrypting it but also keeping under the supervision of trained professionals.

Here are a few popular website hosts for blogs:

Shared hosting:

If you are newbie blogger, shared hosting might be the right pick for you. It is affordable and you don’t need advanced technical expertise to choose one.

A shared hosting service saves your digital information along with that of other websites and blogs. You share the available resources like CPU, RAM, hard drive and internet connectivity with the other clients who have opted for the same server as you have. That is precisely the reason for its reduced price. However, a few downsides to shared hosting is reduced speed and security. If too many websites on the same server are experiencing high volume of traffic, yours might suffer at their expense. The loading speed would increase. Most of the time, the difference, however, is negligible.

VPS hosting:

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is a type of shared hosting where you use a small portion of a server within the larger server exclusively for yourself. The result of which is a little more security, and authority over shared resources. Basically, it is similar to having a premium membership to a service that has a lot of free subscribers. It is best suited for bloggers whose traffic has started crossing the limit defined by shared hosting so that their business does not suffer at the cost of slow speed.

WordPress hosting:

One of the most popular and reliable hosting platforms, especially for blogs is WordPress. It has something for noob bloggers to the veteran ones. A few of its key features are enhanced speed, reduced loading time, auto backups and foolproof security. Due to these reasons, it is better to choose wordpress hosting over a shared one. Faster loading speed has the potential to improve your SEO rankings. It can bring higher traffic to your blog.

With WordPress hosting, your data is much more secure than it will ever be on a shared hosting platform.
Moreover, wordpress hosting also takes care of your blogs aesthetic needs as it comes with pre-loaded themes for different content. There are pre-installed plugins for customizing the blog.

Linux hosting:

Linux hosting is a type of hosting that uses the operating system, Linux on the server. It is one of the most common types of web hosting services available. It is packed with a lot of powerful features and is not priced dearly.
It supports almost all Content Management Software (CMS) like WordPress, and Joomla provides an extremely secure environment to your content. It works on simple and cost-effective programming languages like PHP, and MySQL and offers tools for design customization.

Cloud hosting:

Cloud hosting allows you to access the features you need by utilizing resources from multiple servers without the high cost of a dedicated web server. They are ideal if you’ve just started out and want to impress customers through high speed.

Dedicated web server:

If your website is extremely successful and enjoys enormous traffic on a regular basis, it is best to purchase or rent a dedicated server to it. This way, your website is in no way affected by the resource consumption of other websites on the same server. The prices are usually exorbitant but it is rewarding to have one for your business if you have the budget.

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