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Does anyone know how to make an MySQL, PHP, and HTML form?

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Please carefully read my question before answering it. I am a little bit confused regarding the forms. I would like to create an HTML web page that has a form on it, and a PHP web page to process my form. I am struggling to understand how to set up this kind of form.

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Not sure what exactly you're asking, your code looks ok, and you didn't mention that it doesn't work or an error message? The other thing is that phpMyAdmin is just a website that accesses a MySQL database, just like the one you have created. It doesn't have to be compatible with an OS as long as that OS can run a web browser. So it should work fine, but it has to be configured first. To "install" phpMyAdmin, copy its folder to your server, then go to

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It entirely depeds on which compiler progam you are using. Coding a form from scratch can be a waste of time. I suggest you use the tools on Dreamweaver.