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What is a good video hosting website where I can post 500MB videos and use my flv player to play them?

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I need it to host a 500MB video FLV file, and I want to play the video on my JW player whats a good website that's free?

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do you ever try talk with pack work staff??

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Well, when you talk of video, what comes in mind is usually YouTube, which is notably the best in the pack. But it has many limitations. I doubt whether you will be able to play with your FLV playter. Alternatively, i would suggest you try Vimeo, or Wistia. Obviously for larger storage, and seamless playback, you may be required to consider their premium packages instead.

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Sure, I would also first consider YouTube. But I suggest you also try out Panopto and Vidyard. They have affordable packages. There is very few quality service provider that will offer over 500MB for free. So you may need to chip in a little for quality service.

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That is interesting. Is it just a must that you play the video using FLV player? Can't you play them online? I was almost suggesting YouTube, but am not sure about the FLV bit. Maybe you should try Vimeo, it is pretty decent too.

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