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the local web server on DHCP?

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I'm trying to set up a local webserver, behind a dynamic IP. I've registered with netfirms, and also with DynDNS, thinking it's the way I need to go. I currently have the nameservers set to Dyn, which is then forwarding to my dynamic IP. This domain works fine, the issue is setting up a new domain on this server. I have created a new domain, transferred the files locally, and can access it locally. I'm using ISPConfig to run local DNS.

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DynDNS allows multiple domains to point to your public (dynamic) IP. Other domain registrars, however, may not have the sync tools like DynDNS has, to keep testing your public IP address, and whenever it changes, re-sync their DNS servers.

Your local server DNS has little if any effect unless it feeds your domains to your ISP's DNS server or where ever you have your domains registered. Usually, that is hard to do, ISPs do not like home DNS servers to send data to their DNS. That prevents spoofing of URL names by home users...

Since your public IP is dynamic, your only solution is to use any domain registrar that has some form of sync software to keep your public IP synced to their DNS servers. At this point, DynDNS has the tools and maybe your best option at this time.