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I there any data ce...
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I there any data center cabling web based management system?

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Our data center looks like spaghetti ! It takes me lots of time to trace a cable, I do trace couple of cables everyday! so, I need a system to save me the time by documenting each cable to which interface is connected, so, I don't need to trace it each time.

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The only way I've found is to tag each cable at its ends. (I like the small cardboard tags on a string as it is easier to read a tag that isn't wrapped around the cable, but rather on a short string that can be lifted away from the cables. They come in various colors, so cables can be color-coded for easier identification in a bundle.) On my tags, I put the start and end locations so I know where to look for the other end. (If a cable has an intermediary connection like a hub, I also list that on the tags. That allows me to check all connection points and know all connection points in that circuit.)
My network also looks like the wire gremlins have struck. I think they come out at night and intentionally tangle cables to make life miserable for us!