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Reseller Hosting

4:00 pm

Is Reseller Hosting Profitable?

Reseller hosting is different from shared hosting because the reseller is responsible for the website's hosting. While the parent company provides the servers and software, the reseller is the one who manages the emails and other functions for the client. As the reseller, you get to set the pricing structure for the offerings. Some resellers[continue...]

6:00 pm

Reseller Hosting – 4 Ways to Increase Your Profit

First, let us begin with what reseller hosting really is. With reseller hosting, you are not actually running or handling any of the web hosting servers yourself. Instead, you are renting those servers, branding them as your business, and then selling those server spaces to customers. In essence, what you are doing is renting the[continue...]

6:00 pm

Hosting For Resellers

The term "reseller hosting" means that you are a hosting provider that sells accounts to others. In essence, you act like a middleman between your customers and the providers themselves. In this day and age, this is an excellent way to earn money on the internet. How do I become a reseller? It is pretty[continue...]

12:00 am

How Resellers Hosting Helps Webmasters

Resellers hosting is a relatively new concept. It originated from clients who wanted an easy way of providing hosting for other clients. Now the market for resellers hosting has expanded to include small, medium and large clients. This enables clients to have complete control over their hosting needs, including managing DNS. The resellers have the[continue...]

9:00 am

Best Reseller Hosting – 3 Companies That Should Be On Your List

Are you interested in finding the best reseller hosting? Are you interested in selling hosting on the Internet? If so, you will want to consider all of the different options available for you. Many companies are offering to resell web hosting packages today, and they have many different features. You may be interested in a[continue...]