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Artificial Intelligence

1:12 am

Revolutionizing Science: AI Visualizes All Known Proteins

Proteins are long molecules that contain strings of amino acids and can take on a variety of shapes. Their structure dictates their functions, ranging from transporting molecules to operating as valves and pumps. In 2021, Alphabet-owned artificial intelligence company DeepMind unveiled its AlphaFold AI software, which predicted the shape of nearly every protein known to[continue...]

9:00 am

Is now the time to invest in artificial intelligence stocks

Is now the time to invest in artificial intelligence stocks? Many experts believe that it is. The potential for growth in the industry is huge. And, with many companies investing heavily in artificial intelligence, the time to get in on the action is now. So, if you're thinking about investing in artificial intelligence stocks, now[continue...]

6:00 pm

The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

What is artificial intelligence? Simply put, computer software can reason on inputs and outputs and manipulate humans to do its bidding. Its application is not limited to just making games but improving productivity, performance, and quality of work. Here are some of the benefits of AI. To learn more about AI, read this article. It[continue...]