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If you choose to have paid blog hosting rather than free blog hosting then there are several options for you. The offers come with various pricing and packaging. Although the most popular option for paid blog hosting is a shared hosting option there are customize hosting options available. The shared hosting option is the cheapest web hosting system that maximum companies offer. It will put you with many other websites on the same server. The security and the speed maybe not the best but you can have a domain name that everybody can see.

Another option is to use VPS hosting that is better, faster, and more secure. The VPS hosting still shares its space with other accounts in one server. But you are paying a partition of the server which is dedicated to your hosting domain account. It ensures tighter security and resources are dedicated to your website.

Now the pricing comes inconsideration where shared hosting is more budget-friendly. It starts with five US dollars per month up to twenty US dollars. There are options for getting a discount the more secured hosting are costly and also the hosting that allow more than one account on the same domain or sub-domain. VPS hosting ranges from about fifty to two hundred dollars per month. It will vary with the size and package you choose. You can start with a smaller package to save money and you will be able to update it later.

WordPress and Joomla hosting platforms are the popular hosting providers that will make things easier for your website. Here are the five reasons to choose a paid blog hosting instead of free hosting.

1. Use Your Domain

With most free hosting the webmaster is not allowed to use their domain for blogging. It is not well for your blog to put on others' domain. For making sure your blog uses your domain you have to go with the ownership over the domain. It will help you to rank in the top position of the search engine.

2. More Customization Option

Using a paid hosting for your blog you have the access to use the more advanced platform. It allows you more functionality and more customizing over the blog itself. If you try to make money from your blog then more customization will be necessary. But a free blog hosting will give you unnecessary options for your project or even lack the options you need.

3. Paid Hosting Is Not So Expensive

Free hosting are cheaper and provide lower quality but a paid hosting is not very expensive and provides quality hosting service. You can easily go for paid hosting services. There are options for finding cheap hosting services for your blog that is provided by the top web hosting companies. And it is much better than the free hosting services.

You don't have to worry about the service quality like enough space and speed when you are using a top-quality web hosting company’s service. Paid blog hosting is very popular among users of companies like WordPress and Joomla. It provides you more options, tools, and resources but helps you in cost minimization.

4. No Ads

The worst situation with free web blog hosting services is the ads. It keeps you distracting while you are working or even the visitors visiting your website. It is the only way the hosting companies make money from these ads to provide you a free service. However, if you remove the ads the visitors will be lost.

So, you will have to tolerate the distraction for allowing the audience to your website. In other words, you are paying for the website hosting by allowing the ads to your website. The web hosting provider generates revenue from the advertisements that you allow on your website.

5. Better SEO

Free hosting doesn't support you much when it comes to search engine optimization. Because the subdomains you own are not strong for lacking tools. If you use a paid platform from a paid blog hosting company then you will have SEO plugins. Platforms like WordPress and Joomla gives you access to the plugins that are used for SEO purposes. The question is, why you need better SEO?

The answer is very simple. The more traffic you get the more money you make. If you optimize your website to rank higher on the search engine then it will be better. Because the top position websites on a search engine get more traffic. It depends on the keyword and other optimization you choose. The monetization of your website thoroughly magnificent on the problems and if you optimize them then there is a chance to get a higher position on the search engine. It will allow your blog to generate more money each month.

Essentials before Choosing a Paid Blog Hosting Company

Before deciding to choose a new hosting company it is better to check a few things. Make sure you choose the right company that will be able to meet your needs. You have to look into the company's web hosting reviews, the overall reputation, and the support of that hosting company. It will help you to make an informed decision before finalizing your blog host. On the other hand, a careful review will help you measure the features and benefits that you can get from the hosting company.

You have to check the support availability of the company. It could be tasted by personally contacted the company. The communication process could be different but it will be provided on their website. It may be mailing or voice calling or other chatting options available. There will be a technical supporting team that will support you at any time to solve your question. Observe how fast they are responding and you will have an idea of their professionalism.

If the support is accurate fast and professional then you will be sure that the company is using reliable servers. Finally, make your decision and double-check the whole process. Check on different blogs to measure their reputation if it seems better with others than check their website as well.

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