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Best Free Website Hosting Companies

Free web hosting can be a good option if you are new to the online business. This is because it will save you money that otherwise you would have to spend for your own hosting service. However, certain risks go with free web hosting. That's why it's important to know the things that you should not do with it.

Free trial web hosting offers can be really enticing. Many companies offer free trial periods, which last for a couple of days or a week. Their web host allows you to test their web hosting service for a limited period of time. It usually means you're allowed to test these web host's services for a specific period of time, say a week. During the free trial phase, you can try these particular posting out to check their speed, uptime, functionality and customer service.

Most free trial web hosting providers always have a money-back guarantee on their services. They promise to give you a refund if you don't like their service. Most companies have this money-back guarantee because they know their customers will come back, and they want to make sure that they can still serve their current customers in the future.

Another risk with free hosting is that they have a concise and limited life span. It can last from a few days to just a week. Some web hosts don't even give you a chance to see if their hosting service works. Instead, they redirect you to another website, where you are required to pay a one-time registration fee. Also, most people who sign up in their first-month hosting account get an email address with their domain name but no email address.

Free web hosting also has the lowest credibility in the internet industry because most of them are operated by spammers or phishers. They steal the personal information of their clients, including their credit card details and bank account number. Once the spammer or phisher accesses the credit card details and bank account number, they use it to withdraw cash or transfer money to their accounts. Most customers give up after being scammed by these spamming and scamming web hosts.

To avoid being a victim of these spammers, one should never sign up for a free trial web hosting service claiming unlimited disk space and bandwidth without a fee. These are not reliable at all. One should instead look for a host who offers free website set-up and unlimited space and bandwidth. Also, the customer support provided should be of very high quality. One should never compromise with these critical services.

Spammers or phishers most often use free web hosting to gather your email address, bank account details, and credit card information. Never visit or click on any free website that claims to provide a free hosting service. They are scams. They will never let you have a free website.

In conclusion, looking for free or managed cloud hosting always looks out for the terms and conditions. Always go for the company that does not sell the account for free. Then, look for good customer support that can assist you in fixing any problems that you may face while using the website. Finally, get started building your website today!

All the top web hosting companies offer free domain registration. To get started, log into your account and check for the available free domains. Check whether you already have an account with them or not. If you do not have an account, you can create one online. Go to the Domains page and click on the available option under "Transferring a domain." Follow the simple instructions to transfer your domain to us.

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