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Advantages of Virtual Server Hosting

Also popularly known as cloud computing, it is one of the latest computing breakthroughs taking the IT world by storm. The computing world is experiencing phenomenal growth and the pace of innovation is simply overwhelming. The main advantage of virtual server hosting is the price implication. The aim of any business is to turn a profit, so any innovation or idea that would bring about cost-saving is highly attractive and valued. The relatively lower cost of cloud computing as compared to dedicated or shared hosting is truly remarkable. The rise in the number of companies adopting virtual server hosting is a testament to its popularity.

The concept of virtual server hosting is quite interesting. The way it generally works, a host server or a group of servers offer services to many clients. Partitions are made allowing customers to use only those portions of the server assigned to them. The client business on the other hand experiences and receives similar benefits it would receive from shared and dedicated hosting. An important point to note is that, though many clients may share the same server, no one company can access data belonging to a different company on the same server. Virtual server hosting also offers better flexibility and reliability. Client users can manage multiple websites on the same virtual server quite easily. This is more difficult when it comes to shared hosting.

Another major advantage of virtual server hosting is the aspect of control. Users have the freedom to make changes or adjustments to system software. Shared hosting does not offer the same level of control and flexibility. The issue of resources is also important. As a business grows, it may require more and more resources. Virtual server hosting accommodates growth and enables a website to grow as the client grows. Due to the nature of shared hosting, growth is limited due to the fact that resources are shared. A virtual server has the added benefit of having its own bandwidth, disk space, as well as an operating system, which accounts for its flexibility, reliability, and control. Individual users can even reboot their server without affecting other users.

Servers need maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. These activities can take up considerable time and resources. With virtual server hosting, the hosting company is in charge of taking care of these activities. This allows the client companies to concentrate and focus on running their website.

One of the biggest advantages that a virtual server enjoys over a shared server is uninterrupted service. Shared servers oftentimes experience downtime due to crashes occasioned by maximum traffic volume. Companies using virtual server hosting enjoy virtually unlimited space.

As a direct result of cheaper cost, virtual server hosting has allowed small businesses that normally would find it difficult to use shared or dedicated servers, to enjoy the services of web hosting. This is a huge business advantage to small businesses seeking to grow.

The concept of virtual server hosting is therefore revolutionary and many companies have benefited greatly from this service.