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A Brief Overview Of Prestashop Hosting Services

Standard Web Hosting companies are always trying hard to bring you the best PrestaShop web hosting service. It is their main concern that you are happy with the site which they have provided for you. With the help of such services, they can attract more customers and make their online presence felt. PrestaShop web hosting offers various features to their customers and that too at an affordable price.

With such a fantastic offer and such a friendly environment, it becomes effortless to start a PrestaShop eCommerce platform from scratch. PrestaShop web hosting comes with several tools and advanced features, which help you stay far ahead of your competitors. If you find the PrestaShop web hosting service not up to the mark, please request a refund within this time period. It will ask no questions, and you can get started with your new online store.

Setting up an online store with a PrestaShop web hosting service is a straightforward process, and you can even do it on a shoestring budget. The best hosting company will provide you all the tools needed to run a successful eCommerce platform. They will help you decide on various options for your store and provide you with tips to improve your website. If your site is running slowly or even gets downtime on rare occasions, they will step in to take care of all these problems. You will never have to worry about your store's performance since PrestaShop works on different scheduling systems.

PrestaShop is an ideal eCommerce solution for small to mid-sized businesses as it provides many features. You can easily set up an online store using PrestaShop and give out discounts and promotions to your customers. As a customer, you will surely love that you are provided with an easy-to-use interface to manage your products. Inmotion technology is used for all aspects of the eCommerce website design, and PrestaShop is no exception. The motion platform provided by the hosting service provider is full-featured and provides various other functions such as shopping carts, inventory control and management, payment gateway and much more.

The key features which make PrestaShop the most suitable solution for small-scale enterprises are the SEO-friendly templates, built-in image gallery, advanced forum software and other notable features. This web hosting services provider offers a wide range of SEO-friendly templates which are ideal for e-commerce websites. In addition to offering SEO templates, you can also enjoy multiple languages and localization options. You can manage your website easily using the built-in admin panel, which comes in the form of a dashboard. You can also customize your website using the various colour schemes and logo options provided by the siteground software.

If you are looking to host your website using PrestaShop, you have to ensure that you have a dedicated server running the eCommerce website. The PrestaShop team will provide this dedicated server and will be based on their own open-source infrastructure. This ensures that you get the best and the latest PrestaShop server features which are continually being enhanced. Moreover, these PrestaShop servers are highly available and guaranteed to offer you an excellent performance level throughout the lifetime of your hosting services.

The advanced forums provided by the PrestaShop servers are an ideal platform for eCommerce site owners. The inbuilt forums feature unlimited free online selling and buying and unlimited posting of articles and pictures. The built-in photo gallery option provides you unlimited display of your recent photos, while the built-in store allows you to build your own customized store showcasing your products and services.

You also get the added advantage of getting started with a fully-featured shopping cart. The built-in shopping cart options provide you with the ease of selecting the payment options you wish to use, while the built-in email management and client management tools make it easy for you to plan and send out newsletters. The server features such as hosting optimization, an anti-virus program, and the most comprehensive database engine program with support for more than 200 different database types make it easy for you to manage your database effectively. The built-in DNS tool makes it easy for you to set up the DNS settings and configure various DNS-related functions.

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