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8 Tips To Follow For Successful Domain Transfer

Domain names are the brands of website and business. A brandable domain name should be catchy to the customers, handy to the customers, favorite to the customers. Some domain names in the world are mean nothing but loved by all. So, domain names are very important to select or even transfer.

A brandable domain name worth a very high price. If you don't feel okay with your domain name, please change it anytime or, if not possible, transfer it. Transfer it to another registrar. The process is not very complicated if you follow simple processes.

It can be painful if you are not aware of little things that should be done in order. We will discuss the steps and tips that we need to follow to transfer your domain successfully. Here I leave the tips following; go through it carefully.

1. Authorization code

The domain authorization code is also known as "auth code" or EPP key. It is the first, and foremost thing requires in a domain transfer Process. The Authentication code is designed to restrict the unauthorized domain name holder's transaction. It also ensures the main owner is the solo power holder capability. Fraud cannot transfer the domain because it is not available to others except the website owner. So, the domain transfer process is much cleaner and quite safe.

As we know already, domain names cannot be transferred without a proper authentication code; furthermore, domain name issues are complicated. A domain name cannot be expired due to the registration contract duration. So, the domain name Auth code is a sensitive thing to handle with. Don't just sit back when you get the domain name; immediately find the Auth code.

The registrar may mail it to the web admin contact address, or it can be found in the control panel of your domain registrar. You had to manage the auth code as soon as possible for furthermore action with your domain name.

2. Unlock a domain name

This is quite a simple process to do. First, go to your current domain registrar control panel and unlock the domain. Actually, a domain name transfer process cannot be completed without unlocking your domain. So, start with unlocking your domain.

3. Remember the domain rule

Many forget the first rule of a domain that you cannot do anything to your domain name within 60 days of registration. So, trying to transfer the domain name or even edit it will go fruitless.

Take a break for 60 days after registering your domain name. After 60 days, you will be able to transfer it to a new registrar. After 61 days, transfer it to the new registrar and again wait for the next 60 days. Don't forget this rule, and there is no other option.

4. Turn off domain privacy

Domain privacy is important to us all. Sometimes it is offered free to us. But to transfer your domain, you must turn off the privacy of your domain. It is not an action to be taken permanently rather a temporary one. So, why to turn off the privacy?

With privacy, you are not discoverable to others, especially to the new registrar. You have to turn off domain privacy to be discoverable to the registrar you are shifting. Thus, the registrar will recognize you as the legal owner of your domain. Don't worry about domain privacy. You are free to turn it on after completing the domain transfer process. Even the new registrar will recommend you set on 'Whois' privacy.

5. Access to your admin email address

Make sure the 'Whois' info of your domain is correct. It is a vital element of your 'Whois' info. You cannot access it if you make a mistake giving the 'Whois' info. Give an extra eye to check the email address Whether it is right.

During the transfer of your domain, all transfer related emails will be sent to the admin email address, such as the form of authorization, confirmation, transaction, etc. If you accidentally don't have access to your admin email account, you might lose your domain authority. Because the form of authorization mail includes the link that you have to open and submit for completing the transfer approval, so don't give any mail that you have no access to.

6. Add a year to your registration

By transferring a domain name, you automatically add a year to your domain name registration. Almost all the domain registrars give this facility.

But different registrars offer you different services. Such as there are registrars who charge an extra price for this additional year's registration. Many offer this service as free.

7. Approve domain transfer

After initiating the domain transfer process to a new registrar panel, you have to wait for approval. The approval process begins with a mail given to your admin mail address. The first mail is a form of authorization that is given to your admin email address. If you can't find the mail in your inbox, then go to the spam box and fill the form.

This is the step of your domain transferring process begins. The link even to your mail is valid for only seven days. So, you have to do it hurry. Click on the link and go for it. Select approve the transfer and click to submit button. Your domain will be on the way to the new one.

8. After transfer waiting

It is normal in the domain transferring process that it takes 7-10 days to transfer over. There you are. Your domain will be transferred to the new registrar, and these are the things you must be aware of.

If you want to transfer your domain name, our given tips will be helpful regardless to anyone. It is no matter which registrar you are using now. Different registrar has different transfer approval processes. We have given you the standard tips and information about transferring a domain name. Transfer your domain and enjoy the journey with the new registrar.

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