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14 Essential Tips For Selecting Domain Name

Choosing the best possible domain name for your website is not an easy task. Selecting the wrong domain name can ruin your business. Even if you have not a perfect domain name, you can get less traffic from your website. Domain names are very much critical for a business website. Let's discuss some essential tips that you must follow while choosing your website's right domain name.

1. Choose .com

There are many available options like .net,.org, .shop, .Edu etc. Among all, .com is the best for any proposes. The fact is that, almost 50% of the domain names in the world are .com. So, people around the world are more familiar with this domain extension. It is now a very common website address name to the users. A .com domain name is too much easier to remember than others. So, our first tip about your domain name is it should be a .com extension.

2. Local Business Domain Name

Sometimes you should not go for a .com domain extension. When you are trying to build a local business, avoid .com. A local domain extension can be used rather than .com because it will increase business trustworthy. If you want to increase your business, you must go for a .com domain extension. You can easily redirect the two of your domain extensions into one and get more traffic by merging two websites.

3. Consider Brand Names

At present there are many domain extensions available that were not before just a couple of years ago. It includes various brandable names. For example, .cc, .FM .ly etc. It helps your domain name give a specific extension that is very relevant to your business brand.

4. Choose Other Extensions Available

You have a main domain extension of .com and might also have local extension such as .us, .uk, .de etc. Why don't you buy other domain extensions like .in, .net, .org, and else? It will assure your domain name's security and set the branding level to higher position. Hackers or imposters will not be able to harm your brand name.

Besides, people who creates other extensions of your domain name might sell it to you at a higher price. Before they do so, buy it yourself. Besides, you can redirect all the domains to the main website domain and increase your traffic. Sometimes visitors might not find your real website, but they will be counted as your visitors if they find any of your domains. So, keep in considering all the domain extensions if possible.

5. Brandable Name

A brandable name might not have a clear meaning or even no meaning, but it is significant for long-term success in every business—no exceptions to the website domain name. Choose a unique and brandable name as your domain. A domain name must be easier to pronounce than every language-speaking; people can say it. If possible, choose a domain name that is catchy, funny, easy memorizing, good ringing. These will make a domain into a brand.

6. Pick a Short Name

Always pick a short name for your domain. People won't like to type or search for a long domain name. The best would be if you can use not more than 15 characters for your domain name. The extensions are not counted in this term.

7. Avoid Numbers and Signs

Avoid numbers and signs in your domain name. Domain names must not contain numbers unless the number is a part of your brand. Such as top10, 9gag, etc. are number containing brands. It would help if you also avoided signs like underscore, a hyphen, plus, minus, or anything else. Most of the time, it makes a domain name irrelevant and complex to the user.

8. Pick Clear and Predictable Name

Don't use such words that could be misspelled easily. People would be confused, typing your domain name, and you might lose the audience. So, avoid confusing words or name spelling and keep predictable names for your domain.

9. Common Misspellings

The process could be expensive but effective to get more traffic. Buy the common misspells of your domain name and redirect it to your main domain.

10. Insert a Keyword

A keyword can help you a lot choosing a perfect domain name. Before buying a suitable domain name, think of some keywords related to the niche. Then join them, and you might get a perfect combo of keywords that can be unique and brandable at the same time.

11. Choose Legal Names Before finalizing the right name, you have in your head, search the keyword. If you find any website having your preferred name in the first two or three pages, then leave the name. You must try another name if it's taken. You could try other keyword of same niche or can change the niche.

12. Flipping If your favorite domain name is taken, then don't worry too much. You have little hope of getting that or other related your niches. Try to buy an existing domain name from the domain flipping marketplaces. If you are lucky, then you might get your perfect domain, although it is used. But if you want a flipping domain, you must set the budget higher than one thousand US Dollars.

13. Trustworthy Domain Registrar

Domain registrar does registration of your domain name. The companies are registering domain names on your behalf. Later it gives you full access. It is very important to select a trustworthy and well-renowned domain registrar. Quality to be ensured while you are at the peak of your visitors. Well, a domain registrar would give you a smooth run and lesser domain problems.

14. Registered by Yourself

Always register the domain name by yourself. If you register it through any agencies or brokers, that might be problem later. Remember, this is case sensitive.

Note down the important points for selecting a perfect domain name for your website. Create an ideal and branded introduction for your business or blogs. Safely apply the steps and remember the necessary things to get your domain.

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